DP Led Emergency Rechargeable Light DP-6001

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Model No.: DP-6001

Battery Capacity: 800mAh

Voltage: AC 100—240V 50/60Hz

Current: AC 0.08A 0.5W

Light Power: 1.8W

Power factor: 0.1

Charge Time: 12 Hours

Using Time:3/22Hours

(Desk lamp/Night Light)

Made In China


Torch light should be usually used, please don't long-term shelve it. If you don't usually use it, please charge it every 3 months, or it would effect the battery life.

Power source and socket should be installed according to safety rules and regulations.

Please don't turn on the emerg-ency light during charging process, to avoid burn-ing LED bulb or some inner parts.

Please don't shot your eyes with the emergency light, to avoid harming eye-sight. Children must be guided by adults to use it properly.

Do keep the light from rain-ing and wet.

The charging process must be far away from any inflammable and explosive materials.



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